Ferrari v Lamborghini

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Enjoy watching “Top Gear” and listening to the professionals review your fantasy cars? Well here’s your chance to complete your own personal review!

First you will experience a few laps in the Ferrari 360 or 355. Both display elegance and style – the older looking more angular in style and the newer more rounded. Comparisons vary – some think the 360 is more superior in comfort, looks and performance whereas others consider there’s no difference. Both Italian supercars have much to offer, and you’re the one assessing and reporting!

Then will be your chance to compare Ferrari with Lamborghini when you give the Lamborghini Gallardo a try! This much sought after car will take you from 0-60 in an amazing 4.1 seconds! An entertaining, aggressive and explosive experience which will provide a great comparison to the Ferrari.

Move over Jeremy – MY TURN TO COMPARE!!

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